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Demonstration and Instruction Garden

The Memorial Demonstration/teaching gardens were developed around the Extension building as a means of showing what grows well in our soil and climate and how hardscape can be used to enhance the garden setting and moderate climate. The entry to the garden is through a memorial arch remembering Master Gardeners. Other hardscape features are: a low wall, flagstone walkways, a fountain made with a millstone, ornamental boulders, night lighting, a flagstone terrace with benches sheltered by an arbor from which a bi-level koi pond, spanned by a bridge, can be enjoyed. The gardens here are planted with annuals, perennials, shrubs and two impressive Japanese maples flanking the front entrance. The west side has the composting demonstration, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Continuing to the back on the south is a xeriscape garden, herbs with an espaliered pear tree as a focal point, a perennial sun garden, and a mixed shrub border. These gardens are punctuated by two different types of bubbler rock fountains. A plant list of about 300 plants is in a box in the garden. Workshops and tours are conducted in these gardens. The majority of plants and materials were donated. The gardens are redesigned annually. The labors to install and maintain them are provided by Master Gardeners working in teams Monday through Saturday. These gardens were visited by 4,250 people.


Some of the Plantings