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The ‘Master Gardener in the Classroom’ program is a means to teach horticulture to “city kids” with no gardening exposure. To date there are eight portable, hands-on, interactive programs using Venn diagrams, videos and large posters. These programs are curriculum based and are tied to science PAS skills (Priority Academic Student Skills) for Oklahoma elementary schools.

Teachers tell the Master Gardeners that with all the emphasis on testing well in math and English, science does not get much attention at the elementary level. They appreciate the help in not only teaching horticulture, but also in bringing it alive for the students.

In support of this program is a marketing committee which contacts all teachers for grades K through five. Another committee cleans out and restocks each kit. A Scheduler works with the teachers in selecting the appropriate programs and scheduling the date and times. Three other Schedulers recruit lead presenters, assistants and interns to perform the programs.

The performance calendar is maintained on the website by the Calendar Coordinator. The Training Committee conducts annual presenter training and works with the new volunteer class each year. Master Gardeners love it when they walk into a school and hear one student tell another, “It’s the Master Gardeners.” and call out to them, “Hey, Master Gardener, are you coming to our class?” Tulsa Master Gardeners taught 11,200 students last year.