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Website -

Computer savvy Master Gardeners thought they should have a website and knew they could design and maintain it. The “” website is modified constantly as new information becomes available. It is easy to navigate. The various menus allow easy navigation to information most needed by homeowners..

Media Communications

Another area of communication which the MG are involved with is the Tulsa World newspaper. A weekly column "Ask A Master Gardener" has been in every Saturday's Scene section for most all Saturdays over almost 8 years. There is also a list of current garden tips for the week. We have also been able to publish notifications of all our special events in the newspaper.

A Book, "Ask A Master Gardener" has been published on Amazon. It contains all 8 years of the Saturday columns in chronological order. These books are available on Amazon or in the OSU Extension Office. All profits from this book go to the Master Gardener Foundation.