Links to Horticultural and Biological Resources

All American Selections

All America Selections

Oklahoma Proven Selections

Botany Dictionary/Glossary

Ohio State U Glossary/definitions of Plants

Diagnostic Aides

e-Pest alerts

     Contain important notices about current pest problems; files back to 2003

Digital Diagnosis.

     Great visual help; excellent photos

Plant diagnostic check sheet

     Excellent pictures.

Excellent pictures of insects, bugs, butterflies, etc. for ID purposes

Help with disease on grapes

Diagnostic tool for turf - North Carolina Extension

Plant database

     Image Gallery and other options under the Explore Plants tab.

Garden Sites

The Tulsa Garden Center

Missouri Botanical Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden

Horticultural Societies

The Oklahoma Horticultural Society 

     Articles written by members, a list of OK garden clubs, info on nurseries and Garden Clubs, services, etc.

American Society for Horticultural Science

The American Horticultural Society

Insects & Butterflies

Montana State University Butterfly Identification

     Searchable by state and county -- Excellent photos

Butterfly Gardening with Kansas Native Plants

Oklahoma State University

OSU Horticulture and Landscape Dept

OSU Oklahoma Gardening TV Show

Oklahoma Botanical Garden and Arboretum

OSU Fact Sheets – Extension Service

Digital Diagnostics Image Data Base

     Information on Insects/Arthropods and Plant Diseases.

OK Plant Identification

     ID with common name or genus of local plants.

Oklahoma Proven

Termite FAQ’s

OK Plant Trees

     Planting and maintaining trees in an urban environment.

OSU Entomology and Plant Pathology

OSU Entomology e-Pest alerts


Humorous List: You Know You Are A Master Gardener When…     

Gardening with children

Gardening at Home with Kids

Extension Services & Master Gardeners

University of Arkansas

Home Gardening at at LSU

Kansas State

Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln Master Gardeners

Tulsa Master Gardeners

Extension collection from all states




OSU Entomology e-Pest alerts  


U S EPA - Pest information


North Carolina Depart of Entomology & Pests

Pesticides & Herbicides (and Invasive Plants)


Kelly solutions   


National Pesticide and Information Center

OSU Entomology           

     Digital Diagnosis. Great visual help; excellent photos

Plant Identification

OK Plant Identification


A Weed Identification Web Site

     Weeds from New Jersey – many apply to Oklahoma.

The International Plant Index

     Data base of seed plants, ferns and fern allies names also authors and publications.

National Plants Database

     US Dept. of Agr. – Natural Resources Conservation Service database of plants, ferns, and fern allies of the US and its territories.

Plant Sites

Plant Search

Ohio State Plant fact sheet database

Oklahoma Biological Survey

Catalog of the Woody Plants of Oklahoma: Descriptions and Range Maps

Poisonous & Toxic Plants

Plants poisonous to Live Stock - Cornell University

Poisonous Plants Resources

Toxic and non-toxic plants for pets

Soils & Fertilizers

Fact Sheet on mulches



Turf pest problem solver; interesting references to ID problems


Cornell Vegetable Pests

Interesting list to ID questions; pest pictures



Herbicide resistant weeds

Weed ID database with good pictures, etc.



Internet Center for Wildlife Damage and Management

     Research-based wildlife control and management information from experts.

Excellent source of identifying information for plants, birds, insects, etc.

     Search by zip code