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Gossamer-wings, Family Lycaenidae

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Great Purple Hairstreak, underside
Atildes halesus
Juniper Hairstreak, underside
Callophrys gryneus
Gray Hairstreak, male
Strymon melinus
Gray Hairstreak, female
Strymon melinus
Gray Hairstreak, underside
Strymon melinus
Red-banded Hairstreak, underside
Calycopis cecrops
Reakirt's Blue, underside
Hemiargus isola
Eastern Tailed-Blue, male
Everes comyntas
Eastern Tailed-Blue, female
Everes comyntas
Eastern Tailed-Blue, underside
Everes comyntas
Spring/Summer Azure, underside
Celastrina Ladon/neglecta