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Flowers: BULBS

Most Popular Bulbs


Top Ten Tulips

  Variety Color Classification
1 Tulipa 'Parade'    red Darwin Hybrid
2 Tulipa 'Oxford' yellow Darwin Hybrid
3 Tulipa 'Angelique' blush pink Double Late
4 Tulipa 'Apricot Beauty'  salmon Single Early
5 Tulipa 'Pink Impression' rose Darwin Hybrid
6 Tulipa 'Red Emperor' fire red Fosteriana
7 Tulipa 'Queen of Night' darkest maroon Single Late
8 Tulipa 'Shirley' white,edged purple Single Late
9 Tulipa 'Attila' or 'Negrita' purple Triumph
10 Tulipa 'Purissima' white Fosteriana

Top 10 Narcissi

  Variety Color Classification
1 Narcissus  'King Alfred' yellow-yellow Trumpet
2 Narcissus  'Salome' white-pink, yellow Large-Cupped
3 Narcissus  'Ice Follies' white-white Large-Cupped
4 Narcissus  'Tête à Tête' yellow-yellow Cyclamineus
5 Narcissus  'Minnow'  yellow-yellow Tazetta
6 Narcissus  'Fortissimo'  white-yellow  Trumpet
7 Narcissus  'Tahiti' yellow-red Double
8 Narcissus  'Las Vegas'  white-yellow Trumpet
9 Narcissus  'Barret Browning' white-oranges Small-cupped
10 Narcissus  'Mount Hood' white-white Trumpet

The first color listed describes the perianth segments (the petals); the next color describes the corona (the trumpet or cup). If the corona segment features two or three colors, then they are listed in this order: center (eye), mid-zone, outer edge (rim).

Top 5 Hyacinth

  Variety Color  
1 Hyacinth          'Jan Bos' spiraea-red  
2 Hyacinth          'Delft Blue' soft lilac-blue  
3 Hyacinth          'Anne Marie' pale pink  
4 Hyacinth          'L'Innocence' ivory white  
5 Hyacinth          'City of Haarlem' soft yellow