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Flower References




Drought Tolerant Plants


Plant Selections for Oklahoma


Oklahoma Proven Selections


Prairie Star Flowers: Kansas State—Annuals and perennials


Xeriscaping in Oklahoma


Top or Side Dressing Nitrogen Fertilizer for Ornamentals.


Annuals (Click here for information)


Partial List of Annuals for Tulsa


Drought tolerant Annuals


HLA-6425: Annual Flowers for Specific Uses in Oklahoma


Annual Flowers: North Carolina Extension


Perennials (Click here for information)


Partial List of Perennials for Tulsa


Partial List of Drought Series Perennials for Tulsa


HLA-6410: Perennial Flowers for Specific Uses in Oklahoma




Bulbs (Click here for information)


Frequently Asked Questions: Bulbs


Bulb Planting Guidelines


Flowering Bulbs and Other Information


Forcing Bulbs


Most Popular Bulbs




Wildflowers (Click here for information)


US Wildflower's Database of Wildflowers for Oklahoma


Oklahoma Department of Transportation Wildflower FAQs


Oklahoma Prairie Country - Prairie Wildflowers


Texas/Oklahoma Wildflower Mix - Texas A&M


Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses - Kansas State University


Wildflower Sources


Vermont Wildflower Farm


Wildseed Farms (Texas)


Houseplants (Click here for information)


HLA-6411: Houseplant Care


Disease and Cultural Problems of Houseplants