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Who doesn’t like home grown fruit? Fruits we grow ourselves are tasty and one has pride in the achievement. However, growing fruit trees takes time and the correct variety for your area and correct spot for the tree is important. All need full sun and it is critical that the pollination requirements are known before selecting and planting any fruit tree.


Some fruits are easier to grow than others. Apples, pears and sour cherries are the easiest to grow, they will tolerate clay soils, are less likely to suffer frost damage and have fewer insect and disease problems. More difficult are the stone fruits—peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots. They must have good soil and will not tolerate wet areas. Also stone fruits bloom early in spring and may lose their fruit buds due to late frost. They have many disease and insect issues.


All the fruit trees will need some pesticide control for best production. The how, what and when of pesticide use is outlined in the MU fruit spray schedule listed in the fruit references below.


Selection and Establishment


HLA-6222 Home Fruit Planting Guide


HLA-6229 Pollination Requirements for Fruits and Nuts


F-6210: Apple and Peach Varieties for Oklahoma


F-6249: Kiwifruit Production in Oklahoma


F-6227: Propagating Peaches by ‘T’-Budding


F-6211: Propagation of Fruit and Nuts by Seed


General Care


F-6228: Annual Pruning of Fruit Trees


F-6244: Planting and Early Care of the Peach Orchard


Disease and Pest Management


MU Guide-Fruit Spray Schedules for the Homeowner


F-7641: Common Diseases of Stone Fruit Trees and Their Control


F-7319: Home Tree Fruit Production and Pest Management


F-7611: Cedar-Apple Rust


F-7639: Leaf Curl of Peaches and Nectarines