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Groundcovers for Shade in Tulsa

Plant Name

Popular Cultivar


Type Growth


Aegopodium Podograria*

Bishops Weed, Goutweed


Zone 3-9


Part shade to shade, rapid spread by rhyzomes

Ajuga reptans

Carpet Bugle,Bugleweed

‘Bronze Beauty’

Zone 3-9


Part shade to shade, spreads by runners, forms 3-4” tall mats, blue flowers in spring

Asarum Canadensis

Wild Ginger


Zone 3-7


Light to medium shade, spreads slowly by rhizomes, 6 inch leaves, 4-6” tall, native.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Blue Plumbago


Zone 5-9


Sun to light shade, moderate to rapid spread, 6-10” tall. Clusters of blue flowers in mid-summer

Euonymus fortunei

Creeping Euonymus


Zone 5-9


Sun to shade, moderate to rapid spread, short vine up to 12”, leaves purple in winter. Insect scale may be a problem but is treatable.

Hedera helix

English Ivy



Zone 5-11


Part shade to shade, moderate rate of spread, climbing vine, can be an aggressive climber.

Lamium maculatum

Archangel or Spotted deadnettle


‘Beacon Silver’

‘White Nancy’

Zone 3-8


to Semi-evergreen

Part shade to shade, rapid spread, trailing vine mounds to 12”, green-silver of a Lamium bed lightens up a shady area very effectively.

Laurentia Fluviatilis

Blue Star Creeper


Zone 6-8


Part shade, 2-3” tall moderate rate of spread.  Prefers moist area. Leaves are tiny,  blue  flowers in spring.

Liriope spicata

Monkey Grass


‘Silver Dragon’

Zone 4-9


Part shade to shade, grass-like up to 12” tall, rapidly spreads by rhizomes. Separate species, Liriope muscari, commonly used as an edging plant, spreads more slowly but is also a useful groundcover. Both have violet flowers and black berries.

Lysimachia nummularia

Moneywort, Creeping Jenny


Zone 4-8


Sun to part shade, trailing habit and rapidly forms dense mats low to ground. It is aggressive. Prefers moist soils.

Ophiopogon Japonicus

Mondo grass



Zone 6-9


Part shade to shade, grass-like up to 10” tall. Clumps but spreads slowly, tough.

Pachysandra terminalis

Pachysandra, Japanese Spurge


‘Green Sheen’

Zone 4-7


Part shade to shade, spread by stolons, growth is slow to moderate, dense mat 6-12” tall. Needs acid soil, doesn’t like heat.

Saxifraga Stolonifera

Strawberry Geranium

Mother of Thousands

‘Maroon Beauty’

Zone 7-9


Light to moderate shade, rapidly spreading low mat, geranium-like 2-4” leaves are very attractive. Poor drought tolerance.

Vinca minor

Common Periwinkle

Trailing Myrtle


Zone 4-9


Part shade to shade, short non-climbing vine which rapidly spreads. Very common and very useful.



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