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Turfgrass In Oklahoma


Benefits of Lawns


A well tended lawn has more value than esthetics. It may add up to 15% of value to the home, in addition to its other benefits. Turfgrass is also an environmental plus by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. Enough oxygen is released by a 2500 sq. ft. lawn to supply a family of four. Turfgrass helps conserve water in the soil; it has a remarkable cooling effect on the ground and surrounding structures. Houses have been shown to need less AC when a healthy lawn is present.  


Types and Characteristics of Turfgrass in our area


Lawns in the Tulsa area usually consist of a combinations of warm season and cool season grasses. We are in the transition zone between each grasses' ideal growing regions. The warm season grasses may have problems with the cold winters, while the cool season ones struggle to survive our summers.


Some Characteristics of Turfgrasses Grown in Our Area


Species of grass

Type of grass

Period of growth


Shade tolerance

Heat tolerance


Warm season

Summer-late April to early September

Winter, Turns brown

Needs full sun



Warm season



Tolerates light shade



Warm season



Full sun

Excellent heat and drought tolerance

Tall Fescue

Cool season

Fall and Spring

Stays green but goes dormant in winter, semi -dormant in summer

Tolerates moderate shade, but needs some sun


Kentucky Bluegrass

Cool season




Very poor



Each grass type has its own requirements for maintenance—mowing, fertilizing, irrigation and establishment. OSU has two excellent summaries of the how's and when's of lawn care. Viewing the top two documents referenced below will give homeowners most all the basic information needed for lawn care.


Bermuda Maintenance Schedule   


Fescue Maintenance Schedule  


HLA-6408: Landscape Maintenance Schedule
HLA-6420: Lawn Management in Oklahoma


HLA-6419: Establishing a Lawn in Oklahoma

HLA-6608: Managing Turfgrass in the Shade in Oklahoma

CR-6602: Performance of Tall Fescue Turfgrasses in Stillwater, Oklahoma