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Vegetable Information

veggiiesGrowing vegetables is very popular with Oklahomans. Some grow them for economical reasons, others do it for the enjoyment of gardening and being outdoors. Many are attracted by the quality, taste and freshness of the crop, as well as being able to grow some vegetable varieties not found in local markets.

As with many projects, a successful vegetable garden depends on organized planning. OSU Extension has a bounty of useful information to help you get started. The most often requested OSU fact sheet is “Oklahoma Garden Planning Guide”. This and other information resources are listed at the bottom of this page.



References for Gardeners



F-6004 Oklahoma Garden Planning Guide

HLA-6032 Vegetable Varieties for the Home Garden In Oklahoma

F-6436 : Healthy Garden Soils

F-6007: Improving Garden Soil Fertility

F-6005: Mulching Garden Soils

K-State: Top or Side Dressing Nitrogen Fertilizer for Vegetables and Ornamentals.

F-6033: Raised Bed Gardening 

F-6034: Use of Plastic Mulch and Row Covers in Vegetable Production

F-6013: Summer Care of the Home Vegetable Garden

HLA-6009 Fall Gardening

F-6020: Growing Vegetable Transplants

HLA-6007: Improving Garden Soil Fertility
Tips for the Spring Vegetable Gardener

Tips for the Fall Vegetable Gardener

Organic and Earth-Kind gardening

F-6431: Earth-Kind Gardening Series: Cultural Control Practices

F-6434: Earth-Kind Gardening Series: Biological Pest Controls

F-6433: Earth-Kind Gardening Series: Botanical Pest Controls

F-6432: Earth-Kind Gardening Series: Mechanical Pest Controls


F-6012: Growing Tomatoes in the Home Garden

F-7625: Common Diseases of Tomatoes: Part I Diseases Caused by Fungi

F-7626: Common Diseases of Tomatoes, Part 2: Diseases Caused by Bacteria, Viruses, and Nematodes

F-7627: Common Diseases of Tomatoes, Part 3: Non-Infectious Diseases

Disease and Pests

F-7313: Home Vegetable Garden Insect Pest Control

F-7652: Non-Chemical Methods for Controlling Diseases in the Home Landscape and Garden

Squash Bugs

Seasonal Appearance of Vegetable Pests