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Partial List of Perennials for Tulsa

Sun Summer 24-36 White Foliage
Full Sun Late Summer-Fall 24-36 Lavender
Sun, p. shade Early/Mid-Summer 18-36 White, Pink, Red
Full Sun Mid-Summer/Fall 24-36 White, Pink
Full Sun July to Frost 24 Yellow
Shade, p. shade Spring/Early/Summer 18-32 White & Pink
Sun Summer 6-24 Yellow and or Red
Sun Spring 9 White,Pink
Full Sun Mid-Late Summer 36-70 Red, Yellow, Orange
Sun, Shade
Part Shade
Spring 8-18 Multicolor Pastels
Full Sun Summer 12-24 Yellow
Full-Part Sun Large Variety 12-36 Many Choices
Full Sun Early Summer 24-30 Red, Yellow, Pink
Sun, Part Shade Early Summer 24-70 Pastels
Full Sun Mid-Summer 3-8 ft. Many Choices
Full Sun Summer, Fall 12-24 Yellow, White
Part Shade Mid-Late Summer 36-48 Dark Violet Blue
Full Sun Spring 36 White
Full Sun Spring 30-36 Many Choices
Sun, Part Shade Summer & Fall 24-48 Pink, Rose, Red, Lavender, Purple
Full Sun Late Spring
Early Summer
24-48 Both Bright & Pastel
Sun, Part Shade Spring - Fall 18-36 Purple-Pink
Sun, Part Shade Spring - Fall 24-36 Lavender, Pink
Full, Part Shade Summer-Fall 36 Blue, White
Full Sun Summer 24-36 Yellow-Orange
Full Sun Late Summer - Fall 36 Purple
Sun June to Frost 24 Purple
Full Sun Fall 18-24 Starts Pink, Turns to Deep Burgundy
Sun, Part Shade Late Spring 6-18 White, Pink, Red
Sun Spring, Summer, Fall 36-48 Red
Part Shade Spring 6-8 Blue
Full Sun Summer 42 Large Variety
Full Sun Summer 24-36 White