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This disease is most commonly seen on Austrian pine and some of the other two-and three-needle pines, (red pines, Scotch pines).


Pine needles, twigs and branches dying irregularly within tree. Dieback of the expanding candle, the current year's growth tip, turning the candle brown, accompanied with resin soaked infected tissue; Black fruiting bodies develop on the base of the dead needles and pine cones.


Several ways to control are to use native pines in plantings, keep infected trees vigorous by fertilizing and especially by watering during the short droughts of midsummer. Diplodia tip blight can be controlled with one to three applications of an effective fungicide. The fungicide application must be precisely timed to coincide with swelling and opening of the buds, usually late March and early April.

Please check the "Extension Agents' Handbook of Insects, Plant Disease and Weed Control".

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