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Area Calculator LEL

In the form below, select the shape that most nearly approximates your area from those on the sidebar. Enter the dimensions requested for your shape and press the appropriate "Calculate" button.

The Results will be displayed below the form.
(Please read disclaimer below before using this form)

INPUT A  a=   ft.  in.
INPUT B  b=  ft.  in.
INPUT C  c=  ft.  in.
VOLUME (Optional)  Depth=  in.
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Disclaimer: These calculations are only as accurate as the information on which they are based. The area calculated for a long, very narrow triangle requires a very accurate measurement of the two short sides. These calculations should only to be used as a rough indication of the areas defined. The areas calculated for the standard geometrical shapes are based on standard formulas. However, the area for the KIDNEY shaped bed is an approximation due to the assumption made to use half circle endcaps. To get a more accurate result for odd shape beds, the bed must be broken up into its component parts: rectangles, triangles, and circular segments, etc. This can be accomplished by using the COMPOSITE function of the calculator.

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