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Pruning Fruit Trees and Small Fruits

Pruning fruit is not difficult. It is a skill that is easily learned. Just think ahead, visualizing what needs to grow on the tree or bush in the future.
By Sue Gray, Extension Horticulturist

Pruning for Some of the Common Plants found in Tulsa County

Plants grow, propagate, survive insects, disease, drought, damage, and decline until they ultimately die. To obtain the best results and assist the plant to prosper humans often feel it is necessary to interfere with the natural process. He will feed, spray, water, mulch and otherwise coddle his plants. However, sometimes it becomes necessary for him to deliberately do what appears to be bodily harm to his plants. If this is done correctly using the proper techniques and timing it can enhance the beauty, health, and extend the life span of the plant. This procedure is called Pruning. This article will briefly describe what to do and when for some of the common plants found in the Tulsa County area.
By Ed Lee, Master Gardener

Pruning Woody Ornamentals

When pruning woody plants, remember when, what, how, and proper tools.
By Dana Dobias, Master Gardener


HLA-6228: Annual Pruning of Fruit Trees

EPP-7323: Managing Storm-Damaged Trees

HLA-6409: Pruning Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

HLA-6415: Training Young Shade and Ornamental Trees

Training & Pruning Fruit Trees (

Fruit Spray Schedules for the Homeowner (Univ. of Missouri)