Master Gardener One Day Plant Sale!

4116 E. 15th Street,Tulsa, OK  74112-6198




One Day Sale & Plant Pick-Up Location

Pick up your Plant Order & Shop for other Plants: Thursday, April 19th, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Plant Sale & Order Pick up Location: Tulsa Fairgrounds, Exchange Center, 21st Street Entrance, Gate 12.

(See Map Below)

Click on the link below to see the Plant Sale Shopping List of over 300 varieties of plants for containers, flower beds and vegetable gardens, many of which are not easily found elsewhere.  Native plants for pollinators and Milkweeds (essential for Monarch Butterflies) will be available including herbs, succulents, vegetables, ornamental grasses and many flowering perennial and annual bedding plants!


     •     13 types of Milkweeds!

     •     70+ varieties of native plants

     •     Larval and nectar plants for butterflies and pollinators

     •     Filler, Thriller, and Spiller selections for containers

     •     Companion plants for veggies to deter bugs 

     •     Tomatoes: both Indeterminate and Determinate

     •     Herbs:  For many uses, such as for cooking, vinegars, flowers (nectar), companion

                   plants, Black Swallowtail

     •     Butterfly larval plants (dill, parsley or fennel), beverage enhancers (mint, stevia), etc.


Come early on that day for the best selection!